Friday, August 5, 2011

Magazines from Across the Pond

As some of you may know, I am a crazy about magazines. It has always been an important part of my research and inspiration since I was a teenager reading Rolling Stone and Vogue. I think it is great that there are electronic options out there but there is something personal to read a magazine non-electronic (I guess I am old school). Here are a few from the UK that I have recently been reading regularly. Fortunately, these are accessible since you can find them in Barnes and Nobles. These magazines have a nice matte finish which is a nice departure from the glossy mags out there.

(1) Making - I like how this craft magazine creates themes. You can order back issues. One of my fave is the one on paper craft and cutting. (2) Mollie Makes - Very fun and exciting for the creative crafter that wants to dabble into all kinds of materials and techniques. Lots of inspirational images. I love the photos and each issue's cover always has a pair of hands holding a craft creation. Plus, they always attach a freebie craft gift. (3) Selvedge - I have seen this around for quite sometime but didn't really pay attention to it on the special new stands I'd visit in NYC. But Kaari from French General who I did a workshop at Tinsel Trading last year got me hooked on it. She was very excited about this mag and wanted to share it with me. It's quite pricey but I love how they show case things. It feels poetic. (4) Jamie - From the famous, charming and "passionate about healthy eating" chef, Jamie Oliver. His mag has been around for a while but what got me hooked was his Italian issue. I loved how the issue covered certain regions in Italy. It felt a bit like a travel issue for foodies. You can get back issues here.


  1. I am crazy about magazines too :) I love your choice,especially Making and Molly Makes!!! They look so inspiring!!! Thank you for sharing :)
    I love Jamie, in my country (Italy) he is becoming really popular!!! I love his books too, they are filled with great ideas and photographs.
    I stated my own personal collection here : and among the list I would really reccomend Uppercase because it's gorgeous :) - Have a lovely Sunday- B.

  2. Hi B-Yes, I actually subscribe to Uppercase. I absolutely love it! And looking forward to receiving the Dottie Angel book that I ordered from them. (not only am I crazy about mags but love books too!) Did you order the book too? Thank you so much for your feedback. Just checked out your link and will definitely check out the mags you noted. Will be reading on your blog and following it. Looks great!