Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tree of First Wishes

Photo from The Indigo Bunting
I saw this post on A Subtle Revelry and wanted to share with you. This tree idea was a baby shower present where each guest wrote what they hope the baby will experience in his/her life such as their first baseball game, etc. I thought this was a refreshing idea of using the tree DIY. Usually you see it more for a family tree project. This can be interesting to use for other celebrations such as birthday milestones and each leaf is a special memory from a friend/family or special saying. Or instead of a baby shower it can be prepared for baby's first birthday and the theme is first experiences. Or perhaps for a wedding? What other ideas do you think it can be?


  1. this is beautiful! you could also give it as a birthday gift, and have a person's family/friends write down what they love about that person.I wouldn't mind getting a gift like that (hint! hint! my birthday's exactly 5 months away today)

  2. Thanks S! I can totally see you doing something cool and crafty like this for someone too.