Saturday, July 7, 2012

Chloe, Instead by Micah Player

All Images © Micah Player
Long before my daughters were born, I have built a library of children books from vintage to current ones. I find them to be a great source of inspiration visually as well as feeding your soul. This is one of our new fave in the household, Chloe, Instead. I was drawn to the vivid pops of color at the bookstore. The story itself is very touching and fun too. Soon after, I also came across this site Lately Lily which sells fun t-shirts for girls. I was attracted to the colors and illustrations and its fun loving traveling character, Lily. Turns out, it's co-founder is the artist, Micah Player who also wrote Chloe, Instead.  Micah Player was a creative director for Paul Frank the brand which I also have items of clothing and books. Needless to say, I heart Micah's drawings and colors!