Thursday, November 17, 2011

Vanity Barcodes

How fun are these barcodes from Vanity Barcodes! Ok, this a necessary element needed on products. Sometimes it is overlooked and it becomes a last minute addition. Yes, there tends to be time and budget constraints so the barcode is left to just be simple boring stripes. And yes, sometimes you have to keep it simple. BUT, what a great idea if you want to use it as part of your product identity and elevate the barcode as a statement piece. This company has templates you can buy (and they work as barcodes) or they can create a custom one for you. So how cool would it be for example if you did a dessert recipe book and had the ice cream sandwich barcode on the back? Or if you design gift bags and you have the barcode shaped like a gift bag at the bottom of the bag. The ideas are endless. Check out the site. My fave must be the cassette tape. I get all nostalgic. What's your fave?

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