Saturday, November 12, 2011

Foodie Goodie

Well, it's been a while since I posted something. With the freak snowstorm and power outages, kids being sick, I being sick, and urgent deadlines, I sadly had to take a step back from my blog. I hope to be up to speed with things in the next couple of weeks. Have lots of things to share.

While nursing a bad cold with non-working taste buds (which can be depressing for a foodie like me), I was inspired to look into drawings of food. There are a ton of drawings on this subject matter out there. Here are a few that I enjoyed checking out. Each having a very different and interesting illustration style.

1) Food Menu by Erin Jang. Wouldn't mind having that Grilled Polenta with Gruyere at this moment.
2) My guilty pleasure, a Cheese Doodle by Maira Kalman (one of my fave children book illustrators).
3) An important message in this drawing by Claudia Pearson. Wish there were more farmers markets around my town. At least the groceries have been pointing out if the items they are selling are from local vendors.

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