Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Neon Love

(1) Stabilo Pencils (2) Ferby Pencils (3) Textile Paint (4) Fluorescent Pink Japanese Washi Tape (5) Sakura Gelly Roll Fluorescent Pen  (6) Color Dots 

Neon is in fashion these days from J Crew to Gap. Not like the 80's neon but more refined and used as accents. I also have an attraction to neon when it comes to arts and craft supplies. These are a few items that I love to use. They are definitely neon and make fun accents to my illustrations and collages. Now, if only I can find "neon" bakers twine...I will be happy. Does anyone know of a source?


  1. http://whiskergraphics.com/category/Divine_Twine_/c3

    almost neon. . . .

  2. Thanks A. Their red, blue and white combo twine is one of my faves!

  3. Lovely collection! The pink is just awesome!

  4. just saw this:

    and thought of you!
    she got it at home depot! so clever