Friday, August 5, 2011

My Jersey Shore

Summer is half-way done. I can't believe how time flies. I thought it would be fun to post what would be my Jersey shore experience along with soaking up the sun, making sandcastles with the girls and catching waves (quite different from Snooki's). I hope you are having a wonderful summer.

(1) This would be my ideal beach cover up and look. (2) The best caramel popcorn to snack on from Ocean City. The warm sweet aroma as you past their stand is irresistible. (3) Strolling down the boardwalk in these would make me happy. (4) Having lunch at this Italian restaurant in Asbury Park. The pastas are yummy. (5) Would like to stay at this boutique hotel in Long Branch someday (real soon)! The furniture and decor...I would love to have for my house. (6) Indulge in these almond macaroons from Ocean City. They are heaven. (7) Visit and get lost in this beautiful lifestyle shop Bodega in Asbury Park. Michael (who is so sweet and adorable), the owner, has such incredible taste...mixing high with low and old with new. -photo by Jenny Holiday (8) Take a break from the heat with these Italian ices. My all time fave is watermelon but love the new flavors such as cantaloupe, mango and pear! Thank goodness there is a Rita's near me.

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  1. I'd choose your version of the Jersey Shore over MTV's any day! looks fabulous!!