Friday, June 8, 2012

Stationery Show & Surtex 2012 - Part 1

Well…look at all the things that I lugged back home! Love the beautiful business cards some of the companies have! Especially marketing material with neon on it. It is still a big trend in stationery and you see it in various products at the show. Plus the yummy sweets and goodies that you get as you walk down the aisles is such a treat.

I’ve been walking the show for more than ten years and when you have gone as long as I have, it feels like a high school reunion sometimes seeing old friends and colleagues. The show has gotten a LOT smaller these days. All in one floor (both NSS and Surtex), the new small upcoming companies get a chance to be in one floor with the big guys. This can be a benefit if you are starting out and you want to get exposure. Back in the day, getting business and orders was tougher for a new company or new artists with a booth. Most people (not just small shops but larger retailers and manufacturers looking to license) did not get a chance to walk the bottom floor to see up and coming talent. It's nice to see these smaller companies who started out a few years ago doing well since they get such great exposure being on the same floor.  I am happy to see them prosper and continue to do the show.

NSS mostly caters to the retailers who are shopping for the right product to fill their shop. For a manufacturer, it’s a good source for inspiration and to find new talent to license. I enjoy visiting the show as a spectator versus having to set up for the show (which I don’t miss). Being such a magpie for stationery and cute things, I want to get my hands on the products to my own to admire. I tend to daydream about having a shop to fill it with all these wonderful things as I walk through the aisles.

I know, it’s been a few weeks since the show but I still have a few things to share about it from my fave artists and the trends I see in general. Will be posting more stuff about it in the weeks to follow. In the mean time, have a great weekend!

Check out these places and their products. I love their use of neon!

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