Thursday, December 22, 2011

Surprise Ball - Happy Holidays

The other day, a good friend of mine, Kim and I were chatting about Surprise Balls. Kim shared with me the link to Kate Spade's Prize Ball. It inspired me to post something about them before Christmas. Thanks, Kim!

I have been a fan of surprise balls.  Did you know the earliest research about these balls are linked to the Native Americans?  It was a common practice to tell one's story through the unique ball as you unravel each layer.

I thought one day many moons ago, I can maybe make some (hasn't happened yet but of course I have all the elements). If you don't have time, there are many out there in the web where you can purchase pricey high end balls to budget friendly ones to pass at kids' parties as a favor. But it if you are crafty, it's fun to create one for someone special. Maybe as a stocking stuffer?

Happy Holidays and here is looking to an awesome 2012!

Photo Details: (1) Kate Spade;  (2) Anandamayi Arnold;  (3) Sample of goodies you can put in a ball; (4) Tops Malibu


  1. This is very interesting. The second ball really intrigues me,it reminds me of Hades and Persephone myth :)



  2. Yes, she does amazing work! They are beautiful that I would not want to unravel them. Merry Christmas to you too!